Hatha Flow Yoga

Traditional Hatha yoga flow that uses physical postures, breath and relaxation techniques

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55 mins
Skill Levels


My teaching incorporates asana (physical postures) practice and stretches in combination with the breath to help relieve tension on a physical, mental and emotional level. The aim is to improve body/mind awareness and achieve a sense of balance, strength and calmness. A class suitable for all levels from beginners that are relatively new to yoga to more advanced practitioners looking to deepen their practice .

What to expect


A class tailored to your ability and personal needs. Ideal for those that are new to yoga and would like to learn and improve asana (physical postures) practice, pranayama (breathing techniques) and/or relaxation. 

Suitable also for more advanced practitioners interested in challenging their current practice and/or deepening their understanding of yoga philosophy .

The sequence of poses will be specifically designed to enhance your yoga practice whatever your needs may be.


An opportunity for practitioners of all levels to explore an alignment-based, Hatha flow practice that cultivates greater stamina, strength and flexibility. Students will be challenged in a supportive way to reach beyond their perceived limitations.

Progressive sequencing and different themes ensure students build understanding, confidence, grow in their practice and have a positive, rewarding experience.

What you need

For the class, you will need a non-slippery yoga/ exercise mat or a rug as well as an optional block/ cushion and/or blanket.

Minimum Requirements

To get started using HowNow, please make sure your computer or laptop meets the requirements:

Latest version of Google Chrome web browser.
A webcam, microphone, and headphones or speakers;
A good Internet connection with at least 350 kbps bandwidth for each participant.

Meet the expert
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Nora D

The beauty of yoga is that it’s an experience unique for every individual. Essentially, it’s your own personal journey towards self-discovery and realisation. Yoga has been an anchor for me during times of change and transformation. There are various paths, with the ultimate goal being to awakening our awareness and connection with the self and life. With over 10 years of dedicated practice and a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga, I am highly passionate about helping and inspiring you towards living a healthier and more fulfilled life. I specialise in Hatha Flow yoga and aim to make each class suitable for varying levels by offering plenty of modification and progression options to meet individual needs and abilities. This makes the classes accessible for beginners that have little experience in yoga but are willing to learn, as well as for more advanced practitioners looking to deepen their practice. Teaching incorporates asana (physical postures) practice as well as pranayama (breathing) and relaxation techniques. I look forward to working with you! Namaste :)