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Learn the language of the Amish

With Lillian S
I am the author of Speaking Amish, a beginner's book for learning Pennsylvania German, and I would love to be able to teach you! Currently I teach English to children in China. I have a knack for breaking language down in a way that you can learn easily. 

Learn Spanish while also making some delicious tapas

With David S
Hi, my name is David Sánchez, I am from Avila (Spain) and I want to offer you a truly different learning experience. I have spent more than twenty years developing and providing training in Spain, US, Chile and UK. From my experience, I have realised that adult students need extra motivation to attend courses. Four years ago I developed Cooking Your Spanish®. Based in London, Cooking Your Spanish offers a completely different approach of learning a language through food in a kitchen environment. And why a kitchen environment? Because the kitchen is that magic place where conversations flow, no matter the subject, meanwhile you grab a glass of wine and prepare your favourite dish. So it is the perfect place to learn. Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy this experience without leaving your kitchen, just grab your glass of wine and let’ s learn Spanish making tapas. You have three levels to choose from. Every level lasts six sessions and at each session you will learn a new Spanish topic based on conversation and how to prepare a Spanish tapa. No grammar, no homework, no hassle, just a flavourful learning. My credentials: Master degree in Chemistry by Salamanca University Product Manager of SpanisPro (Spanish language for professionals) in partnership with San Augustin College (Chicago) and Instituto Cervantes Cooking and Science certified by Harvard University Languages: Spanish, English

Learn French from the comfort of your own home

With Olivier N
I obtained a Master in Journalism in Brussels. My wife and I decided to move to Barcelona where we stayed for 3 years. During this period I learnt Spanish as well as a little bit of Catalan. After our marriage, we decided to move to Zurich. It was here that I decided to set up these courses to help working people to learn a new language. I know from my own experience that it demands a lot of willpower and discipline to combine learning a new language and the busy schedule of life. Today, I've been teaching for almost 5 years and I love it. I got to teach French to a lot of people and met extraordinary individuals. J’ai obtenu un Master en Journalisme à Bruxelles. Ma femme et moi avons décidé de déménager à Barcelone où nous avons vécu pendant 3 ans. Durant cette période j’ai appris l’espagnol et un petit peu de catalan également. Après notre mariage, nous avons décidé d’aller vivre à Zurich. C’est ici que j’ai décidé d’organiser ces cours pour aider les personnes qui désirent apprendre le français. Par ma propre expérience, je me suis rendu compte que combiner un travail et l’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue demande beaucoup de volonté et de discipline. Aujourd'hui, j'enseigne le français depuis près de 5 ans et c'est passionnant. J'enseigne le français à un grand nombre de personnes et j'ai rencontré des individus extraordinaires.

I offer individual online Russian lessons.

With Anna M
Dear Fans of Russian language!!! I invite you to learn Russian language via Skype. I offer individual online one-to-one lessons. My name is Anna Morgunenko. I have a university degree in English and have worked for several companies as an interpreter \ translator. I live in Pavlograd, Ukraine. I have been working as a Russian teacher via Skype for 12 years. There is nothing like actually speaking the language with a native when it comes to building your confidence in speaking Russian. I use a balanced approach, combining grammar with communicative activities. During our lessons we have live dialogs, discuss all topics the student is interested in. After each lesson I send by e-mail a plan for the next lesson or the homework. If you take my lessons, you do not need to buy any books since I will provide you with all materials step by step as we move on. My lessons help people to enhance their speaking skills. I had a lot of students from many countries. Please, feel free to schedule an introductory lesson. I look forward to our future lessons!!!

Prepare for the IELTS Exam

With Matt T
I specialise in IELTS exam preparation and British English. Do you want to pass the IELTS exam? I have helped many people prepare for the IELTS exam and get the results they need. I can show you the skills and techniques you will need to get a high IELTS score. Do you want to learn British English with a British accent? I will design personalised lessons to help you achieve your goals quickly. I am an experienced and fully qualified English tutor. I love tutoring online and I want to help you learn British English now.

Best practice and dispelling myths, so you can write the best digital content

With Ronan F
Hi there! I've been working in marketing and communications for the guts of a decade. That means the need to write well, accurately, and sometimes under pressure. As my career progressed, it transpired that I had a natural flair for digital, and started specialising in that. This means website content, marketing emails and social media - three very different channels that need very different approaches in terms of writing. Most recently, I've developed an obsession with analysis of digital channels, and measuring the impact and value of my digital content. This contributed to a 55% growth in my employer's digital audience. Outside of work, I'm usually writing something or other. I've had multiple blogs on various topics, and I also write songs. I'm excited to share my knowledge with you, so you can write great, engaging content, whatever digital channel, giving you points of best practice, and dispelling some myths!

A chance to learn Dutch from an expert

With Helen K
I am native Dutch and have been living in Latin America for more than 11 years. I like to read books, listen to music, learn about other cultures, travel, drink some nice wine and have some good food. I have taught Dutch as a second language for more than 12 years. I am TEFL, TESOL and TEYL certified and have experience with all levels and all ages, groups and one to one. I can help you with your grammar, reading, speaking, listening and writing. I can also help you prepare for the Inburgeringsexam, NT2 exam, or prepare for an interview etc. The individual needs of my students are important to me and I always keep that in mind during my lessons. I speak three languages fluently: Dutch, English and Spanish and I have some knowledge of German. Teaching for me is not just a job it is something that I really enjoy doing. So please contact me if you wish to learn Dutch.

Improve your Italian skills with this beginner focused class

With Aurora
Hi! I'm Aurora, your personal teacher. I'm from Italy and I've more than 5 years of experience in teaching Italian language in-class and online. Recently, I was awarded a Master Degree in “Promoting and Teaching Italian Language and Culture to non-Italian students” at University of Milan, Italy. With this specific kind of studies I improved my teaching skills in order to manage with success classes composed by non-Italian students. Now, let me to speak about YOU. In my experience I learned that studying only on course books is not enough to become fluent. They are good for building your vocabulary and improving your grammar but you need to practice with a native speaker to remember what you studied. With our personalized online lessons you will become fluent in ITALIAN SPEAKING! Enjoy your Italian skills :-)

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