Hoop Dance

Personal class for absolute beginner or experienced hula hooper.

Supplier image With Emilie Joy Rowell


55 mins
Skill Levels


Learn to hula hoop or hone your hoop dance skills with individual expert tuition from Emilie - a professional hoop dancer with over 7 years experience teaching and performing.

Hooping uses spatial perception, strategy, feeling, patterns, imagination,
detail and logic. You’ll learn to do things with both hands and in both
directions, challenging mind and body, helping you learn new skills,
improve coordination and balance. Studies have shown that hula hooping burns over 300 calories in a 55 minute workout.

What to expect


We'll begin by talking about where you are at and what you'd like to get from the session, so please think about that in advance. Following on we'll warm up and get learning - Emilie will break down moves and talk you through class in an accessible way. After a cool down we will recap and Emilie may suggest some practical homework or viewing to help you.

What you need

  • You will need a hoop suitable for your size (if you are new to hooping this will probably need to be bigger than you think)
  • enough space to spin the hoop without damaging your surroundings.
  • It helps if you can answer this question - What would like to learn? and/or What are your reasons for booking? 
  • Water! Stay hydrated.

Minimum Requirements

To get started using HowNow, please make sure your computer or laptop meets the requirements:

Latest version of Google Chrome web browser.
A webcam, microphone, and headphones or speakers;
A good Internet connection with at least 350 kbps bandwidth for each participant.

Meet the expert
Instructor image
Emilie J

Emilie is a yoga and dance teacher, performer and doula.

Emilie first came to yoga class when she was pregnant with her 1st child over 10 years ago. Enjoying the sense of connection and community she found in those classes with Dominique Kerr, she went on to train with her to teach Relaxed Birth and Parenting yoga classes and work as a doula. Emilie went on to train with Nadia Narain as a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher, completed her 200 hour teacher training and explored working sensitively with emotions, embodiment and trauma in her CPD courses.

Emilie has been playing with hoop dance since 2009 when she saw Grace Jones hoop, realised life was missing something circular and learnt to hoop. Since then she’s performed in large choreographed acts as well as solo and smaller group shows across the UK, and was in the final 10 of Hooping Idol 2014. She’s taught over 1,000 people to hoop at classes, festivals and workshops including pensioners, policemen, toddlers and bankers. Interested in hooping as a release and a challenge; a tool for creativity and health.