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Learn Spanish while also making some delicious tapas

With David S
Hi, my name is David Sánchez, I am from Avila (Spain) and I want to offer you a truly different learning experience. I have spent more than twenty years developing and providing training in Spain, US, Chile and UK. From my experience, I have realised that adult students need extra motivation to attend courses. Four years ago I developed Cooking Your Spanish®. Based in London, Cooking Your Spanish offers a completely different approach of learning a language through food in a kitchen environment. And why a kitchen environment? Because the kitchen is that magic place where conversations flow, no matter the subject, meanwhile you grab a glass of wine and prepare your favourite dish. So it is the perfect place to learn. Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy this experience without leaving your kitchen, just grab your glass of wine and let’ s learn Spanish making tapas. You have three levels to choose from. Every level lasts six sessions and at each session you will learn a new Spanish topic based on conversation and how to prepare a Spanish tapa. No grammar, no homework, no hassle, just a flavourful learning. My credentials: Master degree in Chemistry by Salamanca University Product Manager of SpanisPro (Spanish language for professionals) in partnership with San Augustin College (Chicago) and Instituto Cervantes Cooking and Science certified by Harvard University Languages: Spanish, English

Time for practice! Let's talk, listen, read, play...

With Angeles F
Hi! ¡Hola! My name is Angeles, and I am from Spain, where I'm living and work. Although I work for a private company, here in Spain, as a secretary, what I really like is... languages!! I speak some English, and some French. (And shhhh! I'm planning to study German and Japanese. Ok, I have to say I love languages, and I'm curious about those ones mentioned above!) About my experience teaching online, I started helping others understand and speak my language some 15-16 years ago. As I studied English Philology, including Latin and Spanish grammar at the university, my classes can include from grammar explanations, tests, exercises, dictations, etc. For all those wanting to practice Spanish, we can have practical classes, including conversation, games, talking about articles found on internet, news, or anything you want! So, if you want to either learn from the very beginning or practice and improve your Spanish, here I am! Feel free to contact me. ¡Hasta pronto!

An in-depth look at Spanish verbs, from the simple ones to the most complex.

With Jairo D
Hola a todos! I am Jairo and I am a language coach. Language learning is my passion and you can be sure I offer a 100% honest approach, so you can be sure I will be as involved as you in your project.I believe learning a language is much more than just learning new words, it means thinking and behaving in a different way. So prepare to develop your own "Spanish personality" with me, in a nutshell: a better version of yourself. I am a passionate of the Spanish language and I am familiar with the insights of it. My lessons are 100% tailor to your needs and expectations. Also, as an added value to our lessons, I will coach your progress, making sure you are always motivated and with the right attitude to learn, providing you with plenty of materials to boost your Spanish. I cover a wide range of the Spanish language levels and topics but I am specialized in helping foreigners to get the basics of Spanish culture. So if you are planning to move to Spain or want to learn some Spanish before going there on holidays, I'm the right person for you! Some of my lessons cover topics like how to open a bank account, telephone conversations and Spanish habits and manners among others. My lessons come with an extra value as you will have access to all the resources we see together for FREE FOREVER! Not sure? Just go for an online trial lesson, it's free and there is no compromise. Keep your head up with your language learning. I hope to see you around, your language coach Jairo

The best Spanish tapas in a cultural trip around Spain

With Juan T
Hi, I´m Juan Trouillhet, a Spanish teacher who teaches language through cooking and cultural experiences; and who also believes that the best way to learn a language is enjoying and doing the things that you love. So, if you like to cook and you want to learn Spanish through cooking and cultural exposure, this is your course: a gastronomical trip around Spain with the best dishes of every region such gazpacho and salmorejo from Andalucía, marmitako from Euskadi, or paella from Valencia. You will also learn how to cook the best tapas like Spanish omelette, prawns, croquettes, etc.  My specialities are rice (all kind of paellas), seafood, fish, vegetables and good meat. I like traditional dishes with new techniques and I can teach you how to cook the best spanish dishes: salmorejo, marmitako, tortilla, fideos, paella... I teach Spanish and Cooking at Centro Complutense para la Enseñanza del Español at Complutense University in Madrid

A personal Spanish teacher for all ages and levels

With Cary
Hi, my name is Cary. I have a teaching degree, and I believe that the best way to learn any language is to practice it continuously. I offer fun, interesting, and structured classes based on your needs, interests, and level. Additionally, my neutral Venezuelan accent is ideal for students looking to communicate easily with Spanish-speakers worldwide. I am also a thorough person, and I like to correct every mistake you make when speaking so you understand how to improve your pronunciation and fluency. As an educator who has worked with children throughout her career, I have tremendous patience that enables me to work with students of any age. Because I'm interested in sports, politics / history, and culture, I enjoy meeting people from other countries. Accordingly, I would love to help you improve your Spanish skills (both pronunciation and fluency) by engaging in interesting conversations. If you are interested in mastering the Spanish language with a fun and engaged teacher, please contact me. Thanks! I look forward to seeing you soon soon!

fast espanish

With Juan A
I am a native Spanish speaker. I'm Electrical Engineer and I love to teach a lot of subjects like mathematic, and Spanish.

nivel intermedio

With Juan A
I am a native Spanish speaker. I'm Electrical Engineer and I love to teach a lot of subjects like mathematic, and Spanish.

Let's learn, practice and speak Spanish

With José d
I´m a professional Spanish teacher with 11 years of experience. But the truth is I don´t really teach: I just help you learn. I guide you, I train you, I answer your questions and I make sure you stay motivated and happy. My goal is to empower you to develop your own Spanish learning potential. I focus on practice, conversation and fun. Do you want to speak and understand Spanish? Let's do it.

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