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Sound Recording for film and video

With Christian B
19 years in the Film and TV industry in the Sound Department, on location and studio, across all genres and projects, and all around the world. I was a trainee then a sound assistant, then boom operator. Now I'm a Sound Recordist/ Production Sound Mixer. A member of The Association of Motion Picture Sound and voting BAFTA Member, Check out my IMDB. Boom Operator Movie Credits include 'Troy' starring Brad Pitt 'Willy Wonka' Starring Johnny Depp Sound Recordist Movie Credits Include 'The Time of Their Lives' Starring Joan Collins 'London Town' Starring Johhny Rhys Meyers Sound Recordist Documentary Credits Include: 'White Diamond' Featuring Kylie Minogue 'Glastonbury' Directed by Julien Temple I also do Commercials, Corporates and Virals, Short & Art Films.

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