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With Kyran O
Hey!  I head up business development at HowNow. My background includes: Peter Jones Academy Graduate - Student Entrepreneur Successful EdTech VR Sales Lead - 400k+ in new business sales aged 17 International Amateur Boxer - ENG squad member, #6 ranked ENG Tech Entrepreneur - MakeWeight app, raised 50k in fundingRecord breaking Talent Acquisition Specialist - SAMSUNG  Book a demo with me so you can start teaching online with HowNow today!

Persuasion Skills to improve your everyday private and professional communication.

With Michiel P
Hi, my name is Michiel Paulus. I do here two different classes. Guitar classes and NLP. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, below more about this. First the guitar part. I studied classic guitar in The Netherlands. Beside classic guitar I also teach other styles like pop, bossa nova (Brazil), chords and plucking. My teacher-ship started 37 years ago after I graduated Conservatory in the Netherlands. I composed a lot of pieces for the guitar special meant for students of all levels. To give the beginning student the joy of really playing some piece in a short time, most compositions are in notes as well well as in TABS. Some pieces are also arranged in chord-blocks or diagrams. The focus of my guitar lessons is the joy of playing guitar. While I was studying at the Conservatory I played in a lot of bands. First I started to teach guitar in my studio at home. Since a few years I also teach via Skype and Facetime (Apple). At this moment I already have students in The Netherlands, Sweden, Norwegian and Iraque. When I was offered to teach here at HowNow I was very glad they provide the connection via their website since Skype sometimes loose quality. After I graduated at the Conservatory I kept on studying. In the nineties I learned about NLP, neuro linguistic programming. NLP is the study of objective experience. In fact all we experience is objective, everything we see, hear, feel and think is colored or filtered by our believes, history, education etc. NLP learns how these filters work and how we can adjust these filters. NLP is used in many field like business, sport, education, coaching, training. The most important issue of NLP is modelling. That's how it started. the main question is what is the difference that makes the difference between a good salesman and an excellent salesman. The first classes will be about communication and how to improve your communication. Why are some salesman much more successful than others? Why are some teachers and trainers much better motivators than others? Even when they have the same school and university. NLP is about making conscious of patterns, everyone has more or less in his behavior and communication. Making aware and adjustable. I did all NLP courses starting with NLP practitioner, Master Practitioner, Post Master Practitioner, NLP Trainers Training, Ericksonian Hypnosis.

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