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Tutoring for portfolio and art course admissions, personal statement, critical understanding of art making and the art scene.

With Beatrice
I am an artist with an MA from the Royal College of Art (Distinction) and a BA from the Slade School of Art (Distinction) and a Foundation Diploma from Chelsea School of Fine Art. I've been living in London for the past 7 years. Having gone through the best possible art education, I know exactly what the top art institutions look for in their students. I can provide excellent tutoring for portfolio preparation as well as interview practice, take students on visits to the institutions of their choice as well as galleries in London, to prepare them for thinking critically about art making. I believe in pushing my students to be hard working and dedicated, while having the courage to experiment, find their artistic language and what makes them passionate. I am passionate about nurturing a solid enthusiasm for art. My art practice is interdisciplinary, and I will encourage them to try everything, from painting and drawing to sculpture, photography and more.

Experiment with a range of art materials and learn to paint beautiful, vibrant flowers.

With Dawn B
I have enjoyed a successful career as a Teacher for nearly two decades. My passion is supporting and enabling people to learn, succeed and gain confidence. I am a great believer in positive thinking and of using art as a way to relax and unwind. I have developed into a professional artist with a unique style, gaining the confidence to exhibit and having work published. In my teaching I aim to support you in living a creative life with a relaxing and inspirational approach in which you can explore, connect with and develop your artistic skills. That support could be: Acquiring new skills and/or developing skills in specific art forms or mediums; Raising confidence and self esteem through insight and kindness to oneself, which can overflow into other areas of your life; Providing time and space to relax and de-stress and simply enjoy art; Achieving your own personal goals.

We can look at and chat about your art work whilst I offer suggestions to extend your work.

With Jeanni
Hello, My name is Jeanni. My methods guarantee incredible results from all ages and abilities in just a few hours!  I am a graduate teacher who has taught art across England and Australia in private and state education. My last full-time teaching post was in the top private girls school in Sydney, Australia. Over many years I have devised I totally unique approach to teaching art. I teach you the 'why's' as well as the 'how's' so after each module you will be able to see for yourself why your pictures are working or not and adjust them accordingly. I am always happy to offer suggestions if you do go off track after the lesson. The amazing results  previous students have achieved can be seen on my website and the video attached. Most people who meet me and assume what I'm saying is impossible and yet by the end of their lesson they are staggered by their results.  The lessons are fun, highly informative, inspirational and will open your eyes and mind to the beauty  of the world which surrounds you. SKETCH /CHARCOAL The first 3 hour lessons ( Online as Sketch 1 and Sketch 2) explains and develops your sketch and charcoal work.  During this lesson I explain how our brain and optic nerve see. I then show you how to use this  information to get depth of field, emotional engagement, focal points and so much more! I also offer- PERSPECTIVE /LIGHT /SHADE / SHADOW/ REFLECTION The second 3 hour lesson explains the intricacies of perspective, light, shade, shadow, 3-D, depth of field, reflections and extends your knowledge of  focal points and emotional engagement.  This lesson is best done on the beach if you fancy meeting up with me somewhere in beautiful Cornwall. If we do this lesson online I would use photos to demonstrate what I'm explaining. PAINT /COLOUR/ BRUSH The third 3 hour lesson brings the previous two sessions together, with paint and colour generic to all mediums.  You will learn how colours work in combination with each other, how to create depth of field using colour, how to use a variety of techniques with both brushes and paint to enhance your picture which ever medium you finally choose to use. This lesson is also best held outside on the beach but does work online too.  Students who have done all three parts of the course then have a complete core understanding of the fundamentals of all aspects of drawing and painting required to achieve realistic looking images as can be seen on the videos and photos.  The most common comment from my students after the complete course is , "Everything  you said is so obvious, why have I never noticed before?" I have unit used my unique approach to educate students and teachers plus organisations including UK sport, the neuroscientists Oxford  University, people suffering from the effects of stroke, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, art groups, tourists, celebrities and many more! Once you have completed the core nine hour training I then offer optional extension classes, utilising that information, in new and exciting ways. These classes can be about a subject which interest you but are usually suggest These classes can be about a subject which interest you but are usually suggest- Figures Flowers Waves Reflections in the lakes Portraiture in paint  Trees My lessons can be taken in three hour blocks or we can split them into 1.5 hour sections. I look forward to working with you soon!

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