New Moon Flow - Aim and Fire
55 mins

With Michelle Cross
Michelle is an internationally known teacher of Yoga and Tantra, empowering and teaching women across London, UK, Barbados and India to awaken to their feminine power within their body. In 2009 after teaching a yoga retreat she suffered a life changing trauma, which left her body out of alignment and she could not walk. She had to literally learn how to walk again and found the new path that healed her wounds was Yoga infused with Tantra.  Tantra helps to get you into your body, so for modern day busy people this is essential to feel more connected, aware and awake to all life has to offer.And life has a lot to offer, Michelle shares fro mthis place! Michelle is known for her commitment, devotion, dynamism and her authenticity to share the transformational powers of Yoga and Tantra for modern day life. She holds up the mirror to help you have your breakthrough and live the life you desire. Her passion and love is weaving Tantra with yoga and bodywork in creative vinyasa flow, so you expand to embrace all the tastes of life. She helps you explore the right alignment for your body so it becomes the key for you to open safely. Her teachings, life, spiritual practice and inspiration marries the modern day with mysticism. With her 26 years experience as a bodyworker, healer and coach she blends yoga, tantra, bodywork, breath work, movement, Tantric goddess worship infused with down to earth sense of humour. Michelle used her spiritual practice of yoga and tantra to transform her life... Taking a leap of faith she left London life and her London home yoga studio and moved to Barbados - where she'll teach you from! Through her teachings she empowers you to take leaps of faith and change your life for the better... Her teachers that have greatly influenced her path of awakening are Chameli Ardagh, Psalm Isadora, Shiva Rea, Sianna Sherman, Lisa Schrader and Yogesh Raje, to them She says a deep Thank you and bows. Immense gratitude to every person that she has taught, for in teaching she learns the most. Lastly to the community in London, at her hOMe of Yoga studio from 2009-2014 all those students that passed through her doors were the greatest of teachers, their passion and commitment week in week out fuelled Michelle's yearning to share Tantra internationally.

An introduction to a safe yoga practice from the Scaravelli inspired yoga approach
55 mins

With Erling McCracken
Hi I'm Erling. Father of 2, husband, chef, business man and a Yoga teacher. Together with my wife I run a Yoga centre and Yoga retreat space from our home on the peaceful Isle of Wight, called Isle of Yoga. I had a vision to create this space when I did my first Yoga teacher training in the Sivananda style back in 1998. At that time I was in my 4th year of my start up liquorice business, Saint Valentines Liquorice Co, which specialised in import and retailing quality liquorice at festivals and public events, like Glastonbury Festival. I found yoga really helped me focus and relax at the same time. It helped my body cope with long days of work. There was never a time after a class teaching or attending that I felt worse than I went in.. I have been lucky to have worked with many great yoga teachers, learning and gaining insights the whole time. Then in 2013 I decided I wanted to re-train as a Scaravelli inspired Yoga teacher, I graduated from the Acquaviva School of Yoga in 2015 with a 200 hours Dip 2 accreditation. This wonderfully integrated whole body/ body mind practice offers us the possibility of really knowing what Yoga is. Letting go takes practice, being present to what happens takes awareness. That is Yoga.

High performance techniques that develop better overall human performance.
55 mins

With Sonia Ferreira
Sonia co-founded DeRose Method London in 2010. She holds a degree in Mathematics and a passion for the Universe and philosophy. She considers all these interests merged perfectly when she discovered DeRose Method in 2005. She teaches since 2006. Her open and expressive nature has great influence over the running of the South Kensington school, always encouraging others to reach their potential while helping them channel their individual creative expression through this art of life. Photography and travel aficionado..

Are you waiting for happiness to happen? Are you delaying your happiness until things are just right?
25 mins

With Inner Space
Inner Space is a meditation and self-development centre in Covent Garden. We offer: Free Meditation & Personal Development COURSES (Self Esteem, Positive Thinking, Relaxation Strategies, Time Management) in Covent Garden & the City Free TALKS in the West End, Camden, Angel, Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Dalston & Bermondsey Visit us in Covent Garden to explore the bookshop for products on meditation, personal growth and relaxation, and the Quiet Room where you can step in, sit back, relax and unwind. Inner Space is the Brahma Kumaris Information Centre. Inner Space, 36 Short’s Gardens, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9AB www.innerspace.org.uk 020 7836 6688

Relax, Reconnect & Recharge
25 mins

With Leslie K. Saglio
It’s my passion to guide you to move through this world with more grace as a yoga/meditation teacher, wellness and life coach, author and motivational speaker. For the past seven years I’ve worked with and trained alongside some of the top international healers, teachers and coaches. From my own search for balance, my personal experience and working with my clients, I powerfully guide others to gain space, find peace and infuse balance in their lives. I facilitate international retreats, monthly workshops and weekly classes between the U.K., Spain and the U.S. My classes revolve around invigorating the senses, inspiring the soul and encouraging my students to discover the deeper layers of the self, assisting them in bringing positive energy and transformation into their lives. With a background in dance, movement and energy healing I use scent and sound, bringing balance and fluidity for the body, mind and spirit. Prior to yoga, while in Los Angeles, I worked in the Entertainment and Real Estate industries, but it was yoga that turned my attention inward to truly take care of myself and my family, living a more beautiful and balanced life. Committed to a holistic lifestyle I’m passionate in helping others heal, transform, and support a more positive and healthy well-being. I’m deeply grateful for all the teachers on my journey so far, most especially my two young children. I’m an Associate Level Two member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals. I completed 300 hours teacher training, in Vinyasa and Yin, and then completed my Children’s teacher training under Jo Manuel of the Special Yoga Foundation. I also use the whYoga For Pregnancy Technique™ and I’m inspired by the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, birth and beyond. I’m a regular contributor for U.S. top lifestyle media brand Mind Body Green and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. I’ve been featured in Om Yoga Magazine, Yoga Magazine and West London Mum. I’m an ambassador for Wellicious.

Discover the secret of a powerful ancient tool made modern
55 mins

With Lilac Sheer
Lilac Sheer has been working in health & fitness for over 15 years. She is also an educated musician and vocal coach, experienced in music and speech therapy. Her uniquely diverse background has given her the tools to help people create significant change in their lives. Lilac grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home and suffered childhood hardship and trauma. Upon her parents separation, she struggled with eating disorders, insecurities and a deep lack of self-love. Music and fitness became her greatest escapes. Being a driven teenager in an attempt to better her life, Lilac enrolled in voice and guitar lessons, as well as fitness instructing courses. At 18, she received her first certification for fitness instructing. A few years later, Lilac was certified as a Mat Pilates and Fitball instructor, and later on fell in love with the world of Ashtanga Yoga, and is today teaching and practicing various Yoga styles. Lilac was always very close to her mother, A Psychologist and a Holistic Therapist, who also ran a school for complementary medicine. Lilac enrolled in a variety of courses at her mother's school, which included Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy and Guided Imagery. For the past 10 years Lilac has been helping people reconnect with their inner selves, create genuine, long-lasting change in their lives, and gain the tools to maintain their success in the future. Lilac has two step children, is CRB checked and vastly experienced in working with children and teenagers.

De-stress with a tension-relieving mindful yoga session
55 mins

With Nadiayoga
Nadia starts her yoga journey at her last year in high school. Yoga was first introduced to her by her best friend Gita, a gift who will change her whole life, even she doesn't know it back then. Finishing high school for Economic, Nadia went to University to receive a Bachelor degree in Public Administration. Taking yoga with her through the whole time, teaching family and friends, work and university colleges, organising classes at her home. The love to yoga was only to become deeper and stronger with every year . The seed of her dream to become a yoga teacher was first placed while teaching her co-workers in Los Angeles at the roof top of the building they all worked in. The great feedbacks how wonderful people feel after the class, made her think how amazing will be to spread yoga to even more people. However, three more years passed before she finally came to London to fulfill her dream of being a yoga teacher. The best decision of in Nadia's life. Ever since then she never looked back. Nadia have been lucky to indulge in full time yoga teaching. She teaches 1-2-1, corporate and small group classes. Apart from that you could find her teaching in Westminster University, Pure Gym, AGE UK and other venues, teaching workshops and taking part in speacial yoga projects such a " Study Fest"in W East London University. One week project to help students cope with stress and anxiety using asana, pranayama and meditation techniques. Nadia's style is based in Vinyasa Flow, with strong focus on creating a body awareness and alignment. In addition, for her each student is unique, as is their yoga journey. Nadia guides and helps the students to grow to their best as a yogi and as a person. She teaches with love and inspiration which make her classes an amazing experience.

A great way to combine movement, mindfulness and breathing
55 mins

With Ailon Freedman
I have been a yoga teacher for over 20 years. I set up London's first corporate yoga service- The Lotus Exchange in 2001 and delivered yoga, meditation and wellbeing workshops for organisations like Barclays, BBC, Aviva, ENO and West Ham FC. I was a yoga expert for The Times between 2002-2005 and taught England footballers and cricketers the arts of yoga and mindfulness. From there i became a "yoga-comedian" producing the first ever 15 certificate yoga DVD " Yoga4Fellas" starring my character Trev the Yogic Builder. It was featured in the national press and I had my 15 seconds of fame in 2006/07. The combination of yoga teaching and comic acting gave me great insights into the art of public speaking- both in the sense of dealing with an audience and staying relaxed under pressure. A long forgotten BA in History also reminded me how to create a powerful argument and stay "on message" no matter what you are speaking about These days, I run workshops in yoga , public speaking, clowning and African drumming. I have worked with people from all walks of life- Lords and MP's as well as the homeless and those with special needs

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