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With Olivier N
I obtained a Master in Journalism in Brussels. My wife and I decided to move to Barcelona where we stayed for 3 years. During this period I learnt Spanish as well as a little bit of Catalan. After our marriage, we decided to move to Zurich. It was here that I decided to set up these courses to help working people to learn a new language. I know from my own experience that it demands a lot of willpower and discipline to combine learning a new language and the busy schedule of life. Today, I've been teaching for almost 5 years and I love it. I got to teach French to a lot of people and met extraordinary individuals. J’ai obtenu un Master en Journalisme à Bruxelles. Ma femme et moi avons décidé de déménager à Barcelone où nous avons vécu pendant 3 ans. Durant cette période j’ai appris l’espagnol et un petit peu de catalan également. Après notre mariage, nous avons décidé d’aller vivre à Zurich. C’est ici que j’ai décidé d’organiser ces cours pour aider les personnes qui désirent apprendre le français. Par ma propre expérience, je me suis rendu compte que combiner un travail et l’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue demande beaucoup de volonté et de discipline. Aujourd'hui, j'enseigne le français depuis près de 5 ans et c'est passionnant. J'enseigne le français à un grand nombre de personnes et j'ai rencontré des individus extraordinaires.

Speak with confidence in a fun and relaxed atmosphere from the comfort of your home.

With Nordine
Speak French from day 1! I will help you speak with confidence in a fun and relaxed atmosphere from the comfort of your home, at any level. My lessons are highly personalised: You will learn so much more with me in one hour than weeks in a regular French course.  WATCH MY VIDEO INTRODUCTION HERE:  A bit about me:  My name is Nordine. I am a multilingual teacher from France, and a Qualified Teacher in the UK since 2006. I have been teaching in schools in the UK, US and tutored privately for 12 years.  My goal is to help you speak with confidence.  I believe language learning should be fun and rewarding. I cannot think of a better feeling than being able to communicate in a different language and the sense of achievement and fulfillment that it brings. It is that sense of empowerment that I make a priority in bringing my students.  I am a lover and a student of languages first and foremost, and I love what I do. I am currently learning German, so I know how frustrating things can get when learning a language!  As Head of French and Spanish, I have conducted many examinations, and therefore also specialize in exam preparation (GCSE, A-level, DELF, TCF). I can also help you with translation, proofreading and Business French.  What my students are saying:  "I like how our lessons are challenging yet flexible and tailored to my own level and needs. It's only Lesson 2, and I already know numbers up to 40, months of the year, days of the week, and greetings!"  Shannon, London, UK  "Nordine was very good in helping me practice my French in a conversational setting. He directed the conversation well and adjusted to my abilities. He was very patient but also good at making the session challenging."  John, Melbourne, Australia 'Nordine is always patient and helpful in keeping the conversation going. I enjoy his classes and would definitely recommend him to other students. I know I have improved my speaking with his classes.' Belinda, Montpellier, France "Would recommend Nordine to anyone wanting to learn languages, I wouldn't have been able to get an A without his help ! :)"  Sara, Brighton, UK 

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Dear All I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and French (I am from Paris) and 8-plus-year teaching i in my area, I am very enthusiasm and dedicated to what i do. For me, teaching is more than a profession – it’s my passion. Through my experiences, I developed expertise in lesson planning, assessment and evaluation of students. My disciplinary nature will be an asset as the teaching profession is based on principles of discipline, commitment and persistence. It would be a great pleasure to work with you and help you improve yourself and succeed

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