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With Rebecca F
Hi, I'm Rebecca Fuller. http://LearnFluteOnline.com ~Welcome to the most comprehensive and well-organized flute lessons on the web! You'll be able to really learn how to play the flute well. Sequentially, and so conveniently!  I've been teaching how to play the flute for 28 years as well as professional performing. I have passion for helping everyone succeed at learning how to play the flute. And, help them do it beautifully, and well! Questions? Email me! rebecca@learnfluteonline.com Come see me and all of my video lessons on LearnFluteOnline.com. The membership site can be found at: http://LearnFluteOnline.com My students are fast gaining names for themselves. They are spread from state-to-state and nation-to-nation, and adding their high-level proficiency to enhance the beauty of this earth. I have a teaching degree from Weber State University as well as 24 years of flute pedagogy training from renowned instructors from around the world. In short, I love inspiring others to follow their musical dreams. I can get you where you want to go! Let's do this. Ready to schedule a private or group lesson? Let me know here at HowNow. Thanks! ~Rebecca Fuller  Questions? Email me! rebecca@learnfluteonline.com

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