A fun, relaxed learning plan specifically tailored to your abilities and needs.
55 mins

With Lulu chen
Learning another foreign language, especially Chinese, can be challenging but also very rewarding and exciting. I can help. I know the difficulties in learning a new language and can set your mind at ease by understanding your strengths and weakness (everyone is different), and designing a fun, relaxed learning plan specifically for your abilities and your needs. Let's learn together! Qualifications & Experience * Graduated from Yanshan University (top school in Heibei Province) * Certified in Teaching Chinese. * Experienced teaching all ages and all levels. * Students from Brazil, Ireland, UK, USA, Italy, Finland, Austria, Australia, France, Russia, Canada, Latvia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, Nigeria, Bahamas, Ivory Coast, Sweden, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Spain, India, Angola, Hong Kong.

Learn one of the most popular languages in the world
55 mins

With Sum Cheung
I am a native Cantonese speaker with years of language teaching/exchange with native English speakers. I understand well their strengths and weaknesses in learning Cantonese and am able to provide suitable guidelines for them to improve their speaking. In terms of written materials, I can read and write both Simplified and Traditional characters.

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