Confused by accounting jargon? Need help with your books?
55 mins

With Suzy Kerton
Chartered Accountant currently completing my MBA at Imperial College Business School.

Learn to use quickbooks and to use if efficiently.
55 mins

With Katya
I got my first students in high school when I helped teachers and gave classes to the kids from primary and since that time I've been teaching different people different things. I graduated as economics specialist & teacher of economic theory and it gives me a great knowledge of how to build classes what method to choose etc but I prefer to teach more practical and useful things.  I enjoy sharing things I know to help others live better simpler life. It's so exciting to see how my student starts practicing things she learnt and how it influences her life. Small Excel tip helps to finish tasks in 5 minutes instead of hours of work. Yoga asana which gives you joy and balance for the whole day. Receipt of healthy no-sugar dessert which is more tasty than anything in Cheesecake factory. Small things change your life. I'm friendly and easy-going person and I know how to make classes efficient and interesting.

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